fancy dress themed party ideas

List to come – in the mean time there are heaps of sites and blogs with great ideas for themed parties and costume ideas

If you want to make it easy for your guests to put a costume together we suggest 70’s and 80’s themed parties. You can extend that to the 60’s as well.
We are still building on our fancy dress costumes however we have dress ups for the following party themes and a smattering of other costumes
70’s & 80’s Vintage dress –
70’s Disco – go go dancer,
60’s – Hippies and pastel paisley
50’s rock n roll – Grease – Happy days
Rubix Cube Party – google this one looks like lots of fun
You go dressed in 6 colours and you swap your clothes with other people until you end up in one colour
Fancy dress party starting with a letter of the alphabet
Tropical destination – Beach Party
Film stars and characters – Ali G, Beetle juice,
Glam Rock
Jungle party – animals or animal print clothing
Heros & Villians – superman, batman, spiderman, robin, cat woman, Phantom, power rangers, Ninja Turtles, Joker, Flash, wonder woman, Incredibles. rambo, James Bond,
Pirate Party
Warriors, Vikings , Romans, Egyptians, Xena,
Cowboys and Indians
Uniforms – soldier, school, doctor, nurse, sailor, pilot, general, fireman, Police, FBI, Airforce, air hostess, maid, astronaut, Baker, band leader, baseballer, footballer, cheer leader, tennis player, chef, circus ring master, crossing lady, Royal guard, jockey, Judge, karate, knight,

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